Decree of the minister of mines

Winze is any tunnel with an inclination below the horizontal greater than 15 degrees whose construction is carried out from top to bottom. Out burst is a violent outburst of gas together with solid rock in the mine. Surface Mining means any system of mining of minerals which is carried out on the surface or from the surface of water.

Mine Worker means any person who works directly at the mining operation. Ministry of Mines and Energy Calle 43 No.

Decree of The Minister of Mines and Energy of Republic of Indonesia Number 555 /1995

Hazardous area means any area below ground in a mine which is within 45 meters measured in any plane of the surface, any disused working, any stratum containing or likely to contain water, any material that flows or is likely to flow when wet.

Concentric cables means a cable whose outer conductor is entwined around the insulation of the inner conductor. Within the academic sphere, he has participated as an associate researcher at the Norman B Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering at British Columbia University in Vancouver, Canada, regarding the topics of mining training and the coexistence between small-scale and large-scale mining activities.

Venturi ventilation means apparatus used to induce airflow into a duct by means of a jet of compressed air or water and includes all types of ejector or blowers but shall not include any ejector or blower used in a firedamp drainage system. Mining Activities means any place of operation intended to or directly related to general surveying, exploration, feasibility studies, construction, production or exploitation operations, processing or refining, transporting or selling, a, b and c class minerals including the supporting services and infrastructure located above or below ground, whether on a single property or at remote locations.

Flash point means the minimum temperature at which sufficient vapour is released by a liquid to form a combustible vapour-air mixture near the surface of the liquid. Raise climber means any powered machine or device using a pinion and fixed rack system for traction and used as a working platform in the course of excavating vertical or inclined raises.

Office of the Deputy Director of Administration and Finance: Drafting and presenting the financial statements, declarations and reports required by the Office of the General Director of the National Public Budget and the Office of the General Director of Public Credit and National Treasury of the Ministry of Finances and Public Credit, the Office of the General Accountant of the Nation, the Office of the General Comptroller of the Republic and any other entities, offices or authorities that require the same.

Congo will declare cobalt and other minerals as

Mining dredge means a dredge used for mining, including boats used as support facilities which is carried out on the surface of water, and shall hereafter be known as dredge. Earth moving equipment means any mechanical equipment used to move top soil, overburden and deposits of minerals during clearing, digging, and lifting and removing operations, and includes bulldozers, shovels, draglines, scrapers and bucket wheel excavators but does not include transport vehicles such as dump trucks.

Port and starboard line means the mooring line attached to the left and right sides respectively of the dredge to moor the dredge. Assist the Minister during his interactions with the Congress of the Republic and follow the path taken by draft legislation related to the mines subsector.

ministry of mines and energy

Article 6 Qualifications for the Technical Mine Manager Technical Mine Managers shall be grouped into four classifications in the following order: Flexible Cable means a cable designed specifically to be flexible when used.

Raise is any tunnel with an inclination above the horizontal greater than 15 degrees whose construction is carried out from bottom to top. The system for taking samples is operated by means of tamping from the platform. Reviewing the evolution of the mining sector as well as proposing policies and actions for promoting growth.

Head line means the mooring line attached to the bow of a dredge used to moor the dredge. Spill anchor means a chain anchor attached to the middle of the dredge. Firedamp drainage is an activity in a mine carried out to collect the fire damp in a mine prior to it being diluted and discharged from the mine.

Powered support means a support that works using hydraulic power or pneumatic power. National Mineral Policy[ edit ] The first National Mineral Policy was enunciated by the Government in for liberalization of the mining sector. This decree lays down conditions for the implementation of Law No.

/1 of 16 April to establish the Mining Code. Within the meaning of this decree, the following terms shall be defined as follows. The first Institute of Mining in Indonesia dealing Bureau of Mines and Geology was established on September 11, This Bureau, originally named Chisitsu Chosajo, ruled by the Ministry of Welfare.

Geology Bureau and which at that time was in the Ministry of Industry, by decree. Vice-Minister of Mines Carlos Andrés Cante Puentes is the current Vice-Minister of Mines and he will focus on working to strengthening the mining sector, giving importance to the consolidation of projects that will be of regional benefit and which will continue boosting economic growth and.

Decree of The Minister of Mines and Energy of Republic of Indonesia Number 555 /1995

Article 9 Any persons presenting equipment for the tests specified in Articles 11 and 13 of this Decree. to be defined in an Order by the Minister for certain categories of equipment.

thicknesses and location. shapes. as well as the welding procedures and the layout of all assemblies. the internal volume of the equipment.

the Minister. The Ministry of Mines is responsible for survey and exploration of all minerals, (other than natural gas and petroleum) for mining and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals like aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, gold, nickel etc.

and for administration of the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, (MMDR Act) in respect of all mines. Given a. Presidential Decree Number 96/M,March 17, DECIDES: TO STIPULATE: DECREE OF THE MINISTER OF MINES AND ENERGY ON MINES SAFETY AND HEALTH 8 Chapter I General Requirements Part One Article 1 Interpretation Within this Ministerial Decree the following shall mean: 1.

Decree of the minister of mines
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